Sagana is a land of happiness.

It offers a wide range of activities from boungie dancing to water rafting to unlimited fish supply and the long sites along the River Tana banks.

It is an industrial town that hosts a wide range of companys and cooperatives such as the National Cereals Board, Kenya Planters Union, Eco Manufacturers, Hybrid Manufacturers, Cosmos Manufacturers,Sagana Aquaculture Farm among others.

It is a small sandwich town sandwiched among Kerugoya, Murang’a and Karatina towns. It is also sandwiched between two rivers R. Lagati to the south and R. tana to the north.

Many lot of people refer to it as “Mombasa ndogo” due to the high levels of rave and entertainment options on offer hence it can only equal this to the levels found at the coast region of Kenya.

Little said………its the last Saturday of the year 2012 and am proud to be home……..


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