Today is day one, the first day of the year, the second day of the first week of the month of January 2013.

People reacted to this day differently.

To some, it is a time to review the gone year 2012, to set new resolutions and to put into place new strategies for the long year ahead……long is only a cluster of 365 days…not quiet long if we know how short, cunning and sly time can be when we have things to do though for now it seems like a really long year with a plate full of time on our hands.

Other people saw it as a break from routine, a time to do things they have always wanted to do but they never did either because they lacked the means to or because they lacked the time to.

For others, it was time to enrich the likes of East African Breweries and Keroche Industries without guilt or regret, their health or bills to be settled tomorrow not counting as factors to consider.

For others, from four hours before the globally awaited 00.00.00 that marked the boundary between 2012 and 2013, and the next hours without end after, was a time to reconnect with God, to try and cleanse themselves from the sins they committed in 2012 in preparation for the sins they will commit this year 2013.

Other people stayed at home, with their families and watched a series of movies or did a lot of cooking such as barbecues, mandazis, “nzungutus”, mahamri etc etc depending with what part of Kenya they come from.

And so was the day of today…..people celebrated it differently. Those who believe in philanthropy are spending their day reaching out to those who are underprivileged within our society, those who love their bottle are nursing a large hangover, probably a first of its kind, our religious brothers are still at church praying for guidance and protection throughout the year 2013 while others are at home bored to death and praying for tomorrow to reach us faster than today did…..

It’s the first day…

Many people believe that what you do today sets the pace for what you will do throughout the year. It is a myth of course but one that seems to have a very high following. Too many people are striving to make it a perfect day-mostly at the rural.

However, to the opportunists, its business more than usual. The end of December and the beginning of January are referred to as the festive period. The kikuyu speech community likes to refer to it as “riria kahuwa ge keru” (when the coffee berries are ripe). This is because business, in all of its aspects, is at its height. People are busy buying and buying and buying, from festive clothes to gadgets to food and using services like communication with a recklessness that only the person behind the wheel of festivities can explain.

Try visiting the lounge, restaurant or “choma joint” near you and you will get the picture albeit at a small scale….spaces usually said to be car parks are covered with kids stuff such as bouncing castles, face painters, animals such as horses and camels among others all in  a rush to make the most business out of this festivities before tomorrow when the wheel turns at a 360 degree to encompass the rush of back-to-school shopping and the “matatu” hassle to go back to our normal life of stiff schedules with the harsh reality that some lifestyles are only allowed during the week of Christmas and the new year festivities……………and that urban is where we live and rural is where we go for vacation……of course if you are not like me where you and your parents live in the rural and your grandparents and your vacation home are at the urban!!

Whatever category you fit into, make the best of the remaining hours of today.

From tomorrow, it’s a Happy, Prolificient, Marvelous, Awesome and manageable New Year 2013 full of prosperity, love, grace and God’s blessings. AMEN.


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