When peace messages over flood the media, you know that people have a fear they won’t voice – or they fear to voice out.

The late Francis Imbuga, peace be with his soul, started most of his classes with the phrase, “Literature is not a lesson, it is a mirror of society”.

Today, when you look around, Kenya seems to be in unison, same rhythm, same voice different altitudes of harmony to the song of “peace”. Young, old, weak and strong, all are a choir. Non of us seems to get tired of preaching peace…but nobody is saying why we are ardently preaching it.

The media: social media, journalists, bloggers among others lead the cause. Do you know why? Because they had a first class experience of Kenya 2007/2008…yes everybody fears a recap of Kenya 2007/2008. The reason being simple: we were all affected: directly or indirectly. Everybody felt bad about those displaced persons and we all cried when those kids and women were burnt at Kiambaa church, Eldoret.

Those are the scenarios we fear a repeat of because, this time, it might not stop. We might go the Rwandan way and end at Zimbabwe corner…a move not too many Kenyans would like to mention let alone to be part of….why?

Kenyans are simple people, proud of their heritage and who go to great lengths to defend Kenya. They are a people who love peace and who value what they have despite how little or much it is. They are a proud people who treasure themselves more than the world would want to believe.

This, the international community recognizes too…unless there is another reason as to why Nairobi have become the Hub of Africa and not Nigeria, South Africa or Ghana all of whom attained independence before us…

Hence, as we start our voting day, I too, being part of the PEACE caravan, wish to call of you to hold your side of the margin….keep peace and love….and be kind to your neighbors.

Our National Anthem urges us to live in peace, unity and harmony….

If we see Kenya as our mother, then we are all children of the same mother but different fathers…the best we can do for her is to forget our ethnical differences and love her so much as to protect her from ourselves and from the international community…

Have a peaceful voting day and be sure to make the best choice…you have the right to that decision…but you only vote ONCE! there will be no delete buttons….BE WISE.


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