This is a twelve year old girl’s letter from a girl who was fed up with the life she had to a dad who was always there but who never was none the less.

“Dear dad.

I know that mum is not good to you because you have all those other wives we see you with and because you come home drunk and I know you fight a lot and I know you do not love us and I also know that I will not be going to our school trip tomorrow because you stole all the money that mum had worked so hard to get at our neighbors farm so that she can get paid and I can go to Uhuru park with my friends. And I know that you married mum and made her have us and I want to understand why you always come home and why you always make a lot of noise when you come home and why you can’t sleep outside and let mum sleep on the bed after everything she does to make us happy, and we are happy when you are not at home, you come home drunk and make her cry and then make us cry because mum is crying. We told mum to tell you not to come home today because it was my birthday and I wanted to be happy and she said yes but I knew you would come home and then ruin my birthday. I know what mum will do. She will work so hard to buy me a birthday cake, we will eat and be happy because you will not be at home and cry and sleep and not watch TV when you come home. But one day when I grow up, I will work so hard like mum. I will take my children to school and I will build a big house for mum and mum will live with us like grandmother purity and we will be one big happy family because you will not come home and mum will not cry and we will not cry and when we die we will go to heaven and you will go to hell and then we will not see you again and we will live happily ever after like Cinderella and her prince but I will not get married because I don’t want my children to cry like us when I cry like mum..

Dad, please don’t come home today.

Your daughter,



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