During the day, during the night

I wish I had someone who cares for me enough to call me theirs

…..who loves me enough to give me a home.



During the day, during the night

Every day, every time

I wish I had the ability to care enough for somebody to call them “my”

…….my brother, my sister, my mother………..my boyfriend, my girlfriend


Every day goes, every day comes

I remain………………..the same

Too many friend none I trust

Too many people yet too lonely and void

Too many smiles but non warm enough to remain long enough in my life


And for each day that goes, for each night that comes

For all this time that is past

I wonder: 

Too beautiful — I know I am not,

Too good — I know I never was,

Too careful — well too careless I always am


Was it my fault?

They left….all of them left

My beauty and innocence ensnared

My joy denied….

But I grew strong — and beautiful — and lovely….

Sometimes weary — sometimes vibrant….

All along loving myself still….each day.

That is all that matters….I LOVE MYSELF



  1. This is a sad piece but i like the bit about ” I love myself”,this kind of love is what can get all of us through the toughest situations….


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