I have this crazy friend who read anything anywhere anyhow. Yesterday, she came up with this idea of finding a job that pays a million times more than what we get from our daily field work. She was so over excited about the whole thing so much that it was hard to get whatever explanation she was trying to give…but then, I have learnt that it is hard to get easy pay unless you are a Kenyan MP with all the vested powers to hike salary anytime your child’s school fees is inflated.

Her idea of a good job that pays was to become a child bearing machine that carries a pregnancy for other women and gets paid handsomely and taken care of. Needless to say, it was one of those things you get from Google, one of those things you bump into because you typed a word the wrong way. But it excited her to no ends and now she wants to implement it. Her plan is to at least give birth to two kids and get rich…how??

This way: apply for the job, get her travelling documents in place and travel, get a nice home, a car, be treated like a queen and get someone’s fertilized egg planted inside her….how that works, well some biologist can explain, thanks God for my physics. After the pregnancy matures, she gives birth and leaves the house and everything for a repeat cycle of the same. And after, what she calls a span of four years, she will come back to Kenya, childless and pretty (I wonder how pretty the scars of childbirth are pretty) and all ready to love and marry…a millionaire who will rule the world in her own pretty way with her sweet pretty smile.

“It’s being done Rachel. All you have to do is to believe me. And I know that we can do it because you always achieve what you set your heart into” said her…and I got the catch in all the whole drama…her success depended on me as a pilot project…yes ME a PILOT PROJECT!!!

But she had known the answer all along: I only set to do what I believe in, not some crap businesses that some friend collect from some crappy source…..but I also knew that it is being done. When doing my undergraduate, my best friend had sprung out the topic of conception as a job and we had discussed it at lengths coming to the conclusion that women are not capable of bearing children with or without their conception and not have a certain attachment that comes with the nine months of pregnancy: the discomforts, the limitations, the cravings….all bring about a certain attachment that cannot be broken and which when one tries to break ends up being more painful to them than to the kid, who might never know what the mother and the “parents” did.

So, as my friend goes on and on and on about me failing her in her master plan of being a millionaire, I am left wondering, do women have a difference with those brooding chickens reared for the sake of their economic value, whose only purpose is to lays eggs that they never see hatch? Or rather the brooding machines that give the broiler eggs warmth enough to hatch without their mother because her only purpose is to produce more and more eggs? And men, who provide the sperms, what are they?  How far are women willing to go in order to preserve their body and beauty? How long can this two last before age finally catches up with us?  For how long are we going to live with the happiness of a child we bore through some expensive scientific procedure? And men, are you ever going to tell your children the truth if your women never do?…….the questions are endless but I just can’t understand when women stopped craving to have kids and started to crave for beauty that never fades (well too bad no one is creative enough to produce a specimen that harbors growth to create immortal still beauty!).

so, my perception of this whole thing is (and I know that Celestine will kill me before the end of the day), that we started out with grade cows which could miraculously produce a hundred litres of milk a day, we went to dogs that could have sex with women and chicken that could lay an egg that has two yolks to chicken that could lay three eggs in a day for their entire life span and lately to women who behave like chickens: kienyeji women who can be child producing machines and grade women who can ovulate eggs for the kienyeji women to carry and conceive for them….oh, and the GRADE ONE women who can pay their way to having kid through test tubes, to be brought up by nannies and with whom they have very limited contact.

…..that is the world we are living in thanks to technology.

I wonder why there have not been a single person who has invented a technology that makes men pregnant or reduces the months of pre-natal care!



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