He came into my life, thanks to all this exposure.

We became friends: perhaps a tad more than friends.

We shared a lot: one too many secrets, one too many a bottle, one too many a journey.

We ate, drank, teased, abused and made peace with, to and with each other.

Yet we never knew each other: none knew where each other came from, who each other’s friends were or each other’s favorite colors.

Yes, we were friends…..perhaps a tad more than friends.

                        Slowly, we lost touch

                           The horizons enveloped us: he to the East, I to the west

                           For days without end

                           Slowly, we became a tad more than strangers.

Then he was back: a tad out of breath.

We were still friends: at a scale a tad too different.

He is a master of his life, I a queen of my empire

                        Slowly, we wove the fabrics of our lives

                        He got married. He got wealth. He got a kid.

                        I got married. I got a kid. I adopted kids.

                        Slowly, we grew a tad distance.

We tried: a tad too hard to remain a tad more than friends: best friends.

It did not work. It will never work. It can never work.

“never say never”:  he said with a resignment a tad too obvious.

“fate is a bitch”: he screamed with a desperation a tad too eminent.

But it had been done.

                        He left me at the thrones of expectations

                        He replaced me with the “apple” of his eye

                        I got someone who values me: a tad too expensive to lose.

                        He believed in me, trusted in me, had confidence in me: a tad too high.

                        And now he loves me: a tad too much.


Once again, the horizons are closing in

: a tad too fast.

:a tad too permanently.

:a tad too carelessly.

                        We reap what we sow.

                        Goodbye dear friend: it is a tad too late.


2 thoughts on “THIS FRIEND…..

  1. well, I think you are judging the post wrongly. I found this poem from my achieves probably written one and a half years ago…. though it was written out of the frustrations of a dying childhood friendship, it is the result of wordplay and word manipulation.


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