I always wonder whether it was just in my area code or it was parents all over the world who had misconceptions about anything and everything in the world. These misconceptions made most of us to have lame beliefs and unquestioning blind loyalty to things that make no sense. Hence the curiosity to analyze these misconceptions led to these conclusions:


I won’t argue about whether or not the Gikuyu community has a high preference of crime. I, however, know that they top the list when it comes to investment and industrialization. They know how to work with the little they have to create a dynasty that leaves the rest of the community in awe….and it does not matter where they are; they will make it work and create a fortune from the most natural resource such as tap water. There is a saying that says that, “if you want to know whether you have a kuyo in your group, drop a coin”, well, that too is not true coz they might turn not for the money but for the opportunity of ownership and investment that might be represented by the coin. We all know that kuyos love wealth and they want to own most of the things they lay their hands on but we also know that they are industrious and work tirelessly for everything they own. They are great schemers, are cunning and slick in their deals, they are sharp of mind and quick to sniff deals that benefit them handsomely and they never sleep to let any opportunity pass them by.  But they are also mean even to themselves hording things to accumulate wealth and minimizing expenses to save money…things that not so many other communities do. Hence, if they steal, it is not directly but through pen and paper and that is earning a profit not theft. In any case, show me a community that does not have a thief and I will show you a lie.


I have to agree that they have cultures that too many deem stupid and misplaced but hey, how about we look at it from their perspective? Instead of circumcising their men, the Luo community used to remove a row of teeth mostly from the lower jaw. They used to shave their head (Michael Jordan style) when one of them died (I think to avoid evil spirits following them or something. Am yet to find out from a reliable source) and then celebrate his death for a month depleting everything the dead left behind in the process (and for that whole month, the dead is yet to be buried), they  held so dear the practice of wife inheritance and the ritual of the wife sleeping with the dead husband in their matrimonial bed a day before his burial. All these are practices that the rest of the communities (except Luhya) found weird and uncouth but to the Luo, it was their culture. Their norm, dictated to them by the practice of their traditions. These were part of the things that made them a society, a people in their own right and worth of respect no matter how savage Joseph Conrad and his type thought they were.

But that notwithstanding, they are a community known for being expensive and flashy. They will work hard to get the best grades in school and look for the best jobs. They will buy the most expensive gadgets and drive the largest oil guzzlers in the market while living in a rented room then move showcasing them around and about just so their friends can acknowledge their expensive taste. They speak perfect English (sometimes better than the queen herself) but with a Luo accent hence the term luopean but then Swahili, the east African dialect is a dilemma not many of them have been able to overcome. They are known to be the best lovers in this part of the world second only to Nigerian men. They are sensitive, caring and overly sensual when it comes to women and kids and they loooooooove to spend on their women… (Well ladies, he might not be circumcised but he knows how to treat yah! – said from experience and am not Luo. Trust me.)


Well, I will not argue whether there is or there isn’t a GOD (Am not an atheist though!!) but I will tell you what I know. This God leaves a lot to be desired, he contradicts himself in every twist and turn and he commands what I cannot, with all due respect and possibilities, give. He wants blind faith so that I can move mountains, well how many of you believers have moved these mountains so far? I read about mountains first when I was in class two, Mt. Kenya. Well, with all this churches (including the Laico regency church for the crème de’ la crème ) and having at least 80%  of Kenyans being Christians, Mt. Kenya is still around, still at its designated place and still snowing despite the effects of global warming. So, haven’t we anyone with faith the size of a mustard seed to move it? Which of all loving and all caring god uses a single community which he calls “MY PEOPLE” to punish the rest of the society and then claim that he created us all in his image and likeness? Are these “his people” not like everybody else in this world? He tells us to forgive others seventy times seventy times then goes ahead to claim that he will remember the sins of our parents to the third and fourth generation, really? …I can give all the examples you need but I have no space (maybe I should write about that specifically). They say that every coin has two sides: so with God comes the devil.

I was taught that anything that refutes the law of God automatically equates to sin and this translates to the devil. Needless to say, there is no one who had a sure description of him so I had everything from the dead to the person next to me to someone’s creative imagination of a half human half animal head with seven horns in a body of a mermaid that had wings and always had a black veil…lol!! But, I am yet to find someone who can tell me who the devil is and where he is found (coz I refuse to accept everywhere as an answer). Christians believe that he is the fallen angel, well, I won’t dispute that but I will ask, why won’t GOD forgive the angel he endowed with the best voice in his entire kingdom and then use his powers to tame him to remain secondary to him instead of punishing him and a multitude of us earthlings for sins committed against holinity? The world would be a better place, don’t you think, if God would forgive us all- the devil inclusive- and have us go back to the Garden of Eden where we can live in a paradise surrounded by rainbows and laughter? I would love that very much, coz all eat and no work is paradise enough, right??

Too long a gospel…..watch out for MISCONCEPTIONS 2….



  1. well, “intelligence” is relative you know? if cramming everything in every medicine and engineering book you know of includes that…..well am not saying anything LOL!!


  2. Wow.. Interesting. I never knew this; “the wife sleeping with the dead husband in their matrimonial bed a day before his burial” and this; “then celebrate his death for a month depleting everything the dead left behind in the process” happens in Luo land. And by the way, circumcision is no longer a debate in Luo land.. Just saying LOL!!!! Insightful article though…..


    1. Hi Andrew? thank you for stopping by and yes, they do happen…it might not be a debate any longer but the prejudice and stereotypes still hold. I guess it will take time to erase them…just saying.


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