(long road walking: image adapted from

Am on a journey that is extremely tiresome
The tracks of faith, career and of living
Hackle my car- a range rover classic- the most
Broken it is. No, ALMOST broken it is
Somewhere along the highway of life, I pull into a service station
An attendant so dear, loving, kind and caring- TALENT
With a partner so crude, cruel and abusive….-CAREER
Both seem to work together in silence and at times -oblivious of their personalities-
They talk, compromise, share and work it out together: in harmony
ABILITY- that’s what I get
From them, I gain the ART OF CREATIVITY
And the lesson of DISCIPLINE becomes my lifestyle
Faith in God, in myself and in my abilities -this I should never lose- IRRESPECTIVE
“It’s a long way that you have to go”, talent had said
“Trust your abilities and you will succeed” career had countered
As I was leaving, PASSION-the unseen attendant- passed me a parcel
“Your car will break down if you don’t re-service”
His eyes burned with a fire of desire; but what did he desire?
Maybe, just maybe.
“Determination, Courage and Prayer: You will need them the most”
He said to make use of them
Two kilometers from the service station
Here I am in an accident
Virtue and Vice: both are injured. Seriously
At the right lane, at 1000 km/hr
I forgot to buckle the belts of SELF CONTROL
I make it to the ICU
For days without end, am unconscious…
I wake up in denial
I sink deep into the ocean of depression
Tablets of self-value, syrups of self esteem and syringe shots of commitment
The paths of experience are dangerous but the risk is worth the indulgence:
If you learn to learn
My final destination is here
A valley so green and watered: paradise, right?
My efforts, strong will, ability to not give up and a strong sense of discipline: am glad I had them
As I walk through the gates of success, a new class awaits me…


by Wairimu Wanjiru 2@@4



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