Any Kenyan will tell you of each Kenyan tribe and its characteristics. These characteristics seem to be shared by all ethnic members of the same group and carried around proudly. For the Luo tribe, it is their ego centrism that carries the day. These guys will have a Range Rover, a  Muso Mustang, an iphone 5s, the latest yet to be released Google tablet and a monthly house rent bill  of Ksh. 50, 000 and they will flaunt these for all to see. Just when you think you are done with them, you come face to face with the egocentric’s brother: pride. They use English and English only in their conversations when they are not using Dholuo. Telling them to use Swahili is like insulting them; never mind that Swahili is a national language. They will be hurt if a girl opts to pay her bills in a restaurant and will be offended when told they cannot afford something that is obviously way off their league. In a parallel world, we would call them a clan of socialites because in this world, socialites are becoming something else that would make my mother scamper to her grave early if I was to become one.

However, these new development; the De-latinization (trust a luo to create such a word!) of African Languages starting with Dholuo has taken their capabilities to a whole new level. Now, just like someone created a Swahili script that allows you to Google everything in Swahili, you will be able to Google your world in Dholuo. It is like equating Dholuo to Spanish, Portuguese and French. Come to think of it, which other African language (or maybe Kenyan language) has been codified to a program that is meant to ‘tell the African story in the African language’? I guess non (but am not sure, someone should enlighten me because at this time of night, Google is definitely a sleepy aunt). So, at this,I stand to congratulate one Mr. Kefa Ombewa. It was hard enough for some of us trying to understand how to write an IPA chart in Maasai while in school and he and his team pulled out a whole script language. Again, congratulation to him. To the rest of us, support or hate. Bottomline is, he did what you didn’t do and he most probably will be in a book of records sooner than your next trip to the market! #writingluo


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