I had this writing bug while in church. So I hope that grammar Nazis will give me a break: at least for today.
Let’s talk about passion.

Passion is all about loving what you do by doing what you love the most. Doing that thing that makes time fly faster than sound or light. That thing that gets you immersed so much that you would not notice that something is out to plunge a knife on your back if he stood behind you. Passion is finding immense pleasure in what you do so much so that you find yourself finding it wherever you go.

Example is this music teacher I have recently met. He walks around identifying voices wherever he goes. He keeps pointing them out. “That one can sing alto, that one can sing saprano1…..” he identifies himself with his profession: music. Not that he has an album or anything close to a single, he just loves music. He lives, feds, loves, dines….Music. He teaches people how to sing in harmony. He listens to his output and praises his Gods for it. He is a happy man, not because he earns a lot of money but because he found his true calling and lived it. He does what he loves each and every minute of his breathing minute. He sings. He listens. He lives. That is passion: and he is living it every single day of his simple whistle filled life.
I love writing. Even if I go to hell for blogging in church, at least I had my fun doing it. It feels nice being in my zone; the writers zones.

Have a great reading day to the readers, writing day to the writers and music filled day to the musicians and the music lovers… just make a point of doing what you love, attend to your passions and happiness will be your everyday dessert.


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