For love. Jack and Jill make up the African version of Romeo and Juliet. They are always together. Juliet is always waiting at her parent’s fence for Romeo to call for her. Juliet’s parents are against their relationship because they think they have a better choice of one to be Juliet’s husband.

But then this is Africa. Good means wealthy in quantifiable measures like goats and cows and how many wives the man already has. Or that is how all the stories go.

Yet, no one wants to acknowledge that the Africa they used to tell tales of is long gone, and in its place is this Africa most of us have a hard time living in. An Africa where ethics is a foreign notion: an Africa where moral identifies vice and vice is virtual: an Africa with liberation and religion that simply never works. A region with a high and rising rate of anti belief in this European God who died to save the Israelites (or was it the world?). An Africa that is at crossroads where what it believes in is no longer tangible, but highly blurrred….wait, I should be saying Kenya, right?

Yes, because Kenya is a state by itself, aside from Africa, in Africa, its continent. It still pisses me off when someone asks whether I am from Africa. I am Kenyan and that is it. European and American geography must be highly flawed for them to keep believing that Africa is a country…or they are just selectively stupid.

So, my Juliet story is not a story after all? No it is not. It is a white man’s representation of Africa: Damn, Jack and Jill are not even African names…and so are Jesus, Peter and any other orthodox names we get strapped with and strap our kids with all the time. And that story will only be feasible if we continue buying this foreign ideologies and burying our own ideologies. Hell, people used to live, pray, eat and rave long before colonialization, westernization and Steve Jobs!

Technology is all nice and classy and should be learnt and adopted by all but it should not do away with what we believed in or try to make me a devil because I said I am not a christian! It should make us all open minded and tolerant of each other’s perspectives because each one of us will always have an opinion. And by the way, what happened to the African God? Who made him a demon? The Ngai of Gikuyu, the Mulungu of Abaluhyas, the Enkai of the Maasai…who declared him evil so that my dejection of christianity/islam becomes a death surelity? These universal religions, who said they are the only ones based on truth…and nothing else but the truth? If God can be kind enough to answer me, then maybe we can be friends.

For now, distorted versions of the African story will continue to suck the identity of Africa as a continent and all its constituent countries and their communities. And that sucks!.


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