I get to to the stage and find this car that looks older than 18 BC and am supposed to fill it by sitting on the rim of the front seat. I decline and walk towards the next car in line which is no better but at least is 18AD. And I am the first passenger in so I will not sit on rims. The kange of the 18 BC is thoroughly pissed off by the fact that I by passed him and chose an empty vehicle. Like it is written in the bible that I should always board his mat full or empty. He comes to the window I am seated by and tells me of how a better looking more smartly dressed chick has taken the seat I declined and how I should learn from beautiful chiks without Maringo. He stands there waiting for me to get pissed. Suprise to him, I give him a smile and tell him: “You know the difference between her and me? It is not the beauty. It is the fact that I have no make up on and she is baked in it, the fact that I have my natural hair and she has a weave and the fact that I am proud of my natural me and am not afraid to show it to the world. She is not. Also, the fact that I rely on my skin to be confident and she is a girl dependent on beauty and artificiality to feel confident. I am not afraid of anything because I know I don’t have to rely on anyone to make decisions for me. Bring the world on and I will face it fearlessly.” He stood there paralysed like I had just given him an injection of immobility. Then walked away shaking his head.
Life has taught me not to give people what they want. I give them what they least expect.

On another encounter though, some teachers really need to be sued. I recently met this guy from the coast. He started giving me stories about>>>>>>>> wait for it>>>> COFFEE NUTS! You are wondering what those are, right? It took me two days to realize that he was talking about coffee berries and even then, I could not convince him that nuts and berries are not anywhere close to being family. I made him google them but he still thinks am lying to him! For all its worth, I consider him a lost case.

Then again today is sunday! A boring and sleepy sunday. Good night friends.


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