I am tired of crying:

Because he is never in a hurry to see me.

I am sick of trying,

To make this relationship I used to have with him work.

My mother taught me:

A woman builds a home by building relationships.

I have tried mother,

To the point of stripping off my dignity.

Don’t we all have a breaking point?

Mine is this: The shedding of a tear.

Ain’t you the one who taught me that tears signify weakness?

Now I admit it: I was never strong enough.

At thirty, am I too old to start over again?

can the world stand a weak woman?

Dear mama?

At thirty five, am I still your little dimpled daughter?

You told me your door will always be open for me:

Heart broken, stripped, rugged in emotions,

Dear mama?

Am I worth coming back?

At your doorstep I come clinging:

For you is my only hope.

In him was only my disappointment,

He is that guy you warned me about long time ago.

He raped me mother:

Raped my emotions and stripped of my pride.

He who once I called “my love”,

Now to whom my worth equates that of a coke bottle: thirty minutes is the most time he can spare me…

I feel stripped: The world has forsaken me.

I feel empty: He who I trusted with my life has robbed me

I am crying mama: For weakness is my new strength

…and you, MAMA, my only hope.


5 thoughts on “HE USED TO LOVE ME

    1. It is a poem sir. come for literature 101…. the opening clause says: for the sentiments between the persona and the author are mutually exclusive but dependable for the author tends to draw from experiences, observations and read data to create the persona through whom he talks letting the world know of that aspect of society he /she is very adempt with at the moment. it is sentimentality that is long beyonnd the emotions of the author and into the very heart of the persona.


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