Friendship is hard to define, hard to point out and much harder to maintain. It is hard to know when you find a true friend and when you land on clothed trouble. Nevertheless, with time, true friends stand out. They are there for you when you need a shoulder to lean on. They are there when you need a day out or when you need a plus one. They are there when you shout at them, throw things at them and insult them. They are there when you are in a good mood and you feel like being a priest is your calling. They always stand by you.
Vincent Kiprono: this tall, dark and soft spoken guy from Kisii is what we can call a relationship that guided itself. He is kind, considerate and caring. Always calling to ask how I am or where we are going or how life is at the moment (mostly it sucks and when it is not sucking, it is f***** me or someone else. It has to be busy after all, right?). He never fails to bridge the gap when he feels like I am pulling away. He never puts his ego or pride before our relationship.
Most people don’t understand how two people of opposite sex can maintain a non-sexual relationship for this long. Eight years is how long it has been. I have seen him hook up and dump numerous girlfriends. And I have seen him sulk numerous times for being dumped (who is that shouting equality?)
But above all, I have watched him selflessly run to my side for my aide and become overprotective of me whenever other men show interest of me. Sometimes I have to keep him in line: reminding him that he is the one who swivels chairs all day long while I do the digging and shoving. I can take care of myself just fine.
So, today I woke up thinking about people I keep pushing away but they still remain. Life shoves me around because it knows it will never break me no matter what and when I am at the breaking point, it has given me a boulder which holds me together. Friends.
For me, Vincent is that boulder, my constant.


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